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20 photos

Thom O'Hare leading radio workshop, Strawberry Spring, 1990Riders in the Sky at the Birch Lake Stage, ​Strawberry Spring, 1990Jugglers, ​Strawberry Spring, 1990Thom O'Hare & Charlie Cran, ​Strawberry Spring, 1990Bela Fleck & the Flecktones, ​Strawberry Spring, 1990Bruce Gruno, ​Strawberry Spring, 1990Brett & Dean Malley, ​Strawberry Spring, 1990Doug Rogers, ​Strawberry Spring, 1990Emmylou Harris, ​Strawberry Spring, 1990Futureman, Bela Fleck & the Flecktones, Strawberry Spring, 1990"Ranger" Roger Bushong, Strawberry Spring, 1990Jeff Baldwin manning the Drink Booth, Strawberry Spring, 1990Sarah Elizabeth Campbell, The "Angel from Montgomery," Strawberry Spring, 1990Diana Donnelly from Sidesaddle, Strawberry Spring, 1990Construction Worker, ​Strawberry Spring, 1990Thom O'Hare holding Court, Hog Radio Workshop, Strawberry Spring, 1990Mitch Third, Strawberry Spring, 1990