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Charles Marengio, Sandy BurnsMike Dixon, Terri Paulsgrove, Bobbie ToddTravis Jones, Jessie Joseph, Mike RogersTravis JonesEd Doell & Laurie SylwesterGary ShroyerMartha Dixon at her arts receptionPoetry in the air--Terry BuschJoanne Fortuna & Jerry Casey                                            1982Merle "Fuzzy" Hughes  1982Victor BelprezKathe WaterburyMike Dixon recitingDon Hukari talking with Mike DixonCharles Marengio, Sandy Burns, Bruce McCarterVictor BelprezToo Close for ComfortTom Cornett, Ron MontoyaMerle "Fuzzy" Hughes, Geraldine McConnellCharles Moore photographing 4th of July Parade